Life happens.

So. Yeah. My blog.

I can’t tell if I’ve been extemely busy or perpetually┬álazy. It hasn’t been the easiest year, but probably among the most edifying for me personally. First breakup? Been there, done that (still cool friends). Associate of Arts? I got it (and I am currently one of the very few at my current college who *technically* has an actual degree, other than professors). Moving out of my parents’ house to a new college, in a new STATE?? Yup! Rebuilding my young-yet-always-struggling faith after a drought of debilitating doubt? Yes, still (spiritual battles make you into a pretty killer poet). Dealing with Pittsburgh sports fans? We all have to, don’t we!

So now that I’m a big boy now, I think I’m going to chase the dream (yes, I know, I’ve said it before) of being a blogger/free-lance writer. I’m going to keep it mostly to critical thoughts on film as I had intended but I may expand and throw in the occasional opinion piece on current events just to stir the pot. Don’t you just love History and Sociology students? How wonderful they are!

I also might share a short story now and then. If I feel like it.

So that about covers it. Just a quick one. I can feel my caffeine tank reaching “E”.

Fare thee well,