I’ll shut up after this one

I did not give up political internet posts for Lent (I’m not supposed to tell you what I have given up, but that is one of the many things I did not). However, I have looked back on my sometimes caustic, sometimes blunt, and all of the times annoying political posts. Needless to say, I’m not ashamed. Yes, I’ve shaken my head at them a few times, thinking “you could have said that a LITTLE better,” but I’m happy to share my strong and unwavering views…even if those views get me in hot water with a lot of people I love.

Sometimes, you get tired of hearing yourself shout. And then you put yourself in the shoes of people who see your posts. They’ve probably shut you out after the fifth Salon article you’ve posted (I know Breitbart practically doesn’t exist in my world because I’ve Breitbart-proofed my brain and none of the posts my many conservative friends make from that website even get through). In an election year…an election year as strange and terrifying as this one, especially…things only intensify, and that only adds strain to what should be a civil conversation.

So, now then, I have decided to give up political internet posts altogether for the rest of the election. This doesn’t mean the cool historical articles I like to post on occasion…that crap is here to stay…but it’s time to take a breather from The Atlantic articles or pithy little Bernie Sanders quote memes.


There are a few points I want to make before I silence myself on the internet. The following nine points are the nine things that I feel are most worth saying. Be warned: they are caustic, blunt, and probably annoying. But I hope you find something to take away.

Here are the top nine things I have taken away from this horrible, awful, no good very bad election season.

1. I am 1000-and-a-half per cent lib*r*l and show few signs of changing. I think I can confirm that now. I’m sorry.
2. I will never understand how Christians…no, Americans…could support Donald Drumpf’s nationalist, nativist, and all around disgusting campaign of vanity…it’s materialistic, misogynistic, xenophobic…nobody can convince me it is anything good other than a nail in the coffin of a dysfunctional Republican party. So don’t even try.
3. I’m not really a big Hillary fan. However, I would vote for her at the drop of a hat over any GOP nominee other than the underexposed and perfectly decent Kasich. We don’t need another neocon like Rubio. Or an extreme ideologue like Cruz. Or a delusional windbag who thinks we can build a wall and have Mexico pay for it lest we use military force. However shady her past may be, Hillary has gotten shit done before. Believe otherwise all you want. It is the truth.
4. Though I am a member of the Democratic party and not really ashamed of it, both parties seem to be ineffective (but in different ways) when it comes to what should be one of the most pressing issues ever, the environment. Another reason the two-party system needs to be fixed and reconsidered.
5. A challenge: when it comes to conversations/arguments/shouting matches about race, try to go for the rest of the year without saying “white guilt”, “reverse racism,” “race baiting,” “All lives matter,” “Blue lives matter” or other attempts to turn the whites into the victims that they aren’t (and I know there are some poor white people…try not to think about the issue of race or race relations individualistically…I know it’s tough…trust me, I do).
6. Global warming or no global warming, give a shit. Climate change being a reality shouldn’t be the only incentive to take care of the environment…and sacrifice a few things that might seem convenient or efficient in the process.
7. Feel.
8. The.
9. Bern.
And now, I rest.
Good night, all.