New Year, New Blog


I’m dusting off this blog and turning it around completely. Beforehand, whenever I wrote a blog entry, it was on a very infrequent basis. Just about every entry talked about politics in some way or another. While I am still passionate about that stuff, especially in this moment, I have found that it is spiritually unhealthy to saturate oneself in politics exclusively. There is so much more I am passionate about. So here are the new functions this blog will cover

  • Music Mondays: thoughts on music, album reviews, album retrospectives, and highlighting different bands.
  • A monthly food blog dedicated exclusively to hamburgers. My quest is to find the best burger in the Northeastern region. I got this idea just a couple weeks ago after having a delicious…you guessed it, hamburger.
  • Film Fridays: I will write a review on a new movie, or a retrospective review of an old movie. This might also include some TV shows as I believe that medium is being utilized more and more to tell some very compelling stories across a wider scope.
  • General tackling of questions on politics, social topics, history, philosophy, and religion will be more sporadic. I’ll also post general thoughts/observations whenever I please.

So that about covers it. Whoever ends up taking their time to read this little blog, thank you. I look forward to using this space to pin my many thoughts.

God bless ya,